I Am From Scented Candles

I am from Scented candles,
from Grapefruit soda and goldfish.
I am from the Suburbs and open fields,
chaotic , adventurous ,
simple brick home.

I am from the Rice fields.
I'm from Christmases on the farm and Stubbornness
from Amy and Fred.

I'm from Always supporting family and Enjoying the little moments of life.
I'm from Do what is right, not what is easy and Never forget your roots and
Rejoice in hope and Kindness does not expect.

I'm from Houston.
I'm from Triracial
Jambalaya and Chicken and dumplings.

From Building forts with my brother and sister every summer
Picking berries on grandpa's farm every spring
Mom singing us to sleep
In the attic
Memories that we never want to forget.