I Am From The Hole From The Old Pool

I am from the hole from the old pool,
from garage deep freeze and junk drawer.
I am from the Brick House up the Hill,
mary engelbreit wallpaper, bird songs,
lavender fabuloso.

I am from the old oak trees.
I'm from Game Nights and The wrinkles between Granna's eyebrows that now we all have
from Mom and just Mom.

I'm from gossip and compassion.
I'm from Do as I say, not as I do. and Remember who you are and who you represent. and
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. and Honor your Father and Mother.

I'm from Nacogdoches.
I'm from Swedish, German, English
Pecan Pie and Cranberry Salad.

From Crashing MawMaw's porch swing
Driving the Tractor with Papa
MawMaw protective over her recipes that came from Southern Living. What is someone else brings it to the potluck?!
I am from strength and resilience..