I Am From Fishing Rods

I am from Fishing rods,
from Irish Springs soap and Helman's Mayonaise.
I am from the White brick house with a large yard and a garden,
barn wood paneling, "black gumbo" dirt,
warmth of the woodburning fireplace.

I am from the johnson grass.
I'm from Large family gatherings and fish fries and red hair
from Hayden and Judith.

I'm from to always help others without expecting something in return and pay it forward.
I'm from I love you and leave your sister alone and
"Love your neighbor as yourself." and "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.”.

I'm from Dallas, Texas.
I'm from English, Scottish, German, and Native American
Fried fish and BBQ.

From The family cross-country RV trip that was riddled with mechanical difficulties.
Hayden H. Cooper who got things fixed with his super power - the on command and strategic "controlled fit of anger."
Lois Beeney, the cornerstone of my family and epitome of perseverance, strength and grace.
Kinney's shoe box
reminders of good times past and loved ones who have passed on.