I Am From Art

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I am from Art,
from Christmas trees and Menorahs.
I am from the Artistic, unique, and homey,
cozy, loud,
the smell of fresh paint on the walls.

I am from the Bluebonnet.
I'm from Family reunions and Compassionate
from Judge Jack Pierce and Willene Bird.

I'm from Laughing and Caring.
I'm from Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst and Don't let the small things get you down and
Always be good to yourself and There will be hardships in life, but you can overcome them.

I'm from Nacogdoches.
I'm from German, Scottish, Native American, Middle Eastern, Moroccan
Southern food and Latkes.

From Going to my grandfather's, Judge Jack Pierce's, house for family reunions
My mom's house
They remind me that my childhood and the people in it molded me into the person I am today.